With a view to facilitating the organization of an International Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum on an annual basis, the new Association “Geneva International Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum (GIWEF) – Forum International des Femmes Entrepreneurs à Genève (FIFEGe)” was created and registered in Switzerland in the Register of Commerce.

The overall objective of the GIWEF-FIFEGe Association is to organize on an annual basis and under the auspices of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM) an international Forum for women entrepreneurs and through it to contribute actively to  sustainable development and growth.

The President of the GIWEF-FIFEGe Executive Committee is Ms. Ingrid I. Vanore-Speer and its Vice-President Ms. Dominique Chausse. GIWEF-FIFEGe Association Seat: 5, Chemin Malombré, CH-1206 Genève.


GIWEF-FIFEGe President and Organizer: Ingrid I. Vanore-Speer; 12, rue des Bugnons, CH-1217 Meyrin-Genève; e-mail:


President and Organizer GIWEF-FIFEGe
Economist, Former Director United Nations
Sr. Adviser on Gender in Trade Development
FCEM Special Mandates

– Ms. Ingrid Isabella Vanore-Speer is of Austrian and Italian nationalities. She is a graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and holds diplomas from selected other European Universities and Management Institutes. She is fluent in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. She has private sector experience as an export manager in several major private enterprises. She gained extensive international experience in trade development in developing countries, particularly in Africa, and transitional economies, when she held senior positions in the International Trade Centre-UNCTAD/WTO. Subsequently she became the first woman director in  technical cooperation and coordination, where she introduced and developed the concept of Women in Trade, and became also the Focal Point for Rural Development, Poverty Alleviation and TCDC/ECDC until her early retirement.

– In addition to her vast business and professional experience she is a member and collaborator of various professional, cultural, economic and social organizations/associations. Due to her long-standing cooperation with the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs – FCEM, particularly during six years as Senior Adviser to the former FCEM-World President and Member of the FCEM Task Force Europe, she was asked to prepare and organize the First Geneva International Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum (GIWEF) – Premier Forum International des Femmes Entrepreneurs à Genève (FIFEGe).