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FCEM: The worldwide network of women entrepreneurs
FCEM: Promoting and reinforcing women’s entrepreneurial initiative worldwide.


FCEM is the pioneer association uniting women business owners from the world over. Founded in France in 1945 at the end of World War II by Yvonne Foinant, and months before the United Nations, the Association quickly spread into other European countries and the four corners of the globe.

FCEM brings together in solidarity and friendship, like-minded women who share a common interest, that of entrepreneurship.Today, the FCEM network includes over 70 different countries from the five continents. And FCEM membership is growing, with new demands for membership each year.

FCEM is the acronym for ‘Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales’ which in English translates to: World Association of Women Entrepreneurs and which in Spanish is “Asociacion Mundial de Mujeres Empresarias”.

Mission and aims

FCEM is non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-sectarian organization whose activities at the national and international level, are aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurial initiative and reinforcing national associations of women business owners through:

  • Creating awareness and reinforcing the visibility of women business owners.
  • Lobbying and advocacy, before public and private institutions, policymakers and governments, on issues that impede women’s entrepreneurial potential.
  • Promoting solidarity, friendship, cultural understanding and the exchange of experiences and ideas.
  • Facilitating the development of business, partnership, and trade.
  • Fostering professional growth and business skills perfection and encouraging women to create enterprise.

Rewarding and advantages

For national associations of women business owners, FCEM is an ideal environment for reinforcing the exchange of ideas and best practices among associations from the world over. For the individual woman entrepreneur, FCEM presents an enriching experience to meet other like-minded women from the world over. Contact among FCEM members offers opportunities to:

  • Exchange business experiences
  • Explore trade and business opportunities
  • Undertake joint business ventures
  • Create technical and mentoring partnerships
  • Understand different business and social cultures
  • Develop international contacts
  • Make international friends

Opportunities for networking
FCEM meetings held throughout the world:

  • The annual FCEM World Congress
  • FCEM World Committee annex programmes which include seminars and partnership programs for delegates
  • Missions and visits organized between different FCEM National Associations.

Via Internet:

  • Websites of the National Association members
  • The FCEM world association Website.
  • The FCEM Associative Internet Platform: www.FCEM.ws
  • The CandGo Entrepreneurs Internet Platform: www.candgo.com

Direct contact with National Associations:

  • To identify potential partners
  • To facilitate country visits to meet local members.

FCEM: the united world voice of women business owners…

FCEM as an active lobbying and advocacy body is consulted for its views on major issues concerning women business owners and the participation of women in economic activity throughout the world by governments, private and public institutions and policy-making bodies. FCEM is the unique NGO of its kind to have consultative status to the United Nations (ECOSOC Roster status 1996/31) and with the Council of Europe as well as representation before the European Union, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNDP, the OECD, and the International Labor Organization.

The FCEM insignia…worn with pride the world over

The FCEM caduceus with its winged staff and intertwined serpent represents the magic wand of Hermes from Greek mythology or his Roman equivalent Mercury, messenger of the gods and the patron of trade, diplomacy, prosperity and concord. Immediately recognized by FCEM members the world over, the FCEM brooch pin is an automatic reference opening the opportunity for contact and friendship.


FCEM membership is only available through membership in an affiliated National Association. For information on FCEM National Associations, simply click on MEMBERS.For countries that do not have a national association of women business owners or that are not currently members, you are invited to contact the FCEM Regional Commissioner for your region. FCEM welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance.

FCEM Secretariat
Executive Director
e-mail: worldpresident@fcem.ws
web site: www.FCEM.org
Platform: www.fcem.ws

World President Offices in Cameroon
BP 1940, Douala, Cameroon
e-mail: helenetioma@yahoo.fr

Organisation Seat:

FCEM (Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales)
Forum Francophone des Affaires,
3 Place de la Coupole BP98,
Charenton 94223, CEDEX, France